Roundup: S-Hole Countries; Bad Media Men & The Jon Gruden Timeline

Kyle Koster

Missouri governor has some explaining to do … NFL experimenting with playing good games in LondonCollege football storylines you’ll soon tire of … Please invite me over if you buy a 4k projectorTotally out-of-character comments here by Donald Trump … Who happens to have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un …  Divisional round announcing assignmentsSports leagues could get a nice chunk of the legalized betting profits … Elon Musk “accidentally” went to a sex party … What did ESPN know about Jon Gruden and when did they know it … Bad news for publishers on Facebook … Norv Turner agrees to become Panthers OCFlight of the Conchords coming back … What a roller coaster for Wal-Mart employees … Miles Bridges needs to get aggressiveMark Wahlberg seems niceMayberry lost and found … Aubrey Plaza.

I Started the Media Men List. My name is Moira Donegan. [The Cut]

The Grobber. One of a kind in Chicago radio. [The Athletic]

What stories is Steve Bannon going to tell? [The Daily Beast]

It is weird that Tonya Harding is being lauded. [USA Today]

SEC football teams need tighter safeguards on their playbooks. [CBS]

New Fall Out Boy.

Sweet fancy Moses.

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