Roundup: Rush Limbaugh on Ines Sainz, Incredible Photos of Glider Crash & Soda, Pop, or Coke?


Stewart Bradley’s disappearing headache tweet. [Crossing Broad]

Soda, pop, or Coke, put to a map. Very, very cool. [Chicagoist]

Is this the end of Bob Sanders? [Indy Star]

Female reaction to Ines Sainz. [OCD Chick]

Male reaction to Ines Sainz. [Fox Sports]

Rush Limbaugh reaction to Ines Sainz: “She knows she has an ass-set … Bootylicious.” [Media Matters]

So where the heck did undrafted Arian Foster come from, anyway? [WSJ]

Laurence Maroney got traded from the Patriots to the Broncos. [Globe]

Keep producing Jeremy Lin features, media. We’ll keep linking them. Love this kid’s story. [NYT]

A look at how the Jets’ offense has been stagnant over the last three years under offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. [Jets Blog]

Maybe Bruce Pearl’s problems at Tennessee aren’t over? [CBS Sports]

If you care about journalists donating to politicians campaigns. [Open Secrets]

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Golden Girls. Don’t act like you didn’t watch the theme song. Come on, admit it – you know the theme song.

Who else is seeing The Town on Friday?

If you haven’t seen the Entourage season finale, sorry for the spoiler.