Roundup: Roger Goodell Testifies, AC/DC Drummer Arrested, NOFX Singer Kicks Fan in the Face


Margot Robbie … genius buys PBR, sells for quite a profit …. Wayne Brady dealt with depression … a trailer for a show where a guy gets eaten alive by an anaconda … don’t read this ClickHole link if you love Beanie Babies, but hate bugs … Chicago rapper faces weapons charges (again) … Mobile advertising predictably outpacing other digital categories … Smart lightbulb supposedly deters burglars … Disney made kinda sweet GIF posters for its upcoming movie … AC/DC drummer arrested trying to arrange murder … Female cop complains about male officers getting free bikini car wash … Hamster bartenders … 17th century Dutch warship found off coast of Tobago … BREAKING NEWS: Alcohol consumption –> weight gainLife-size T-Rex replica skeleton will run you 100 grand … The favorite books of 22 CEO’s … more of a feature on the story of a Florida teacher sleeping with students … 3D printed guns could be coming soon … A Tumblr full of awesome cabins … Bill Watterson drew a quasi-Calvin-and-Hobbes-ish comic for a French festival … Tinder’s adding a new feature … ACME factory gets Roadrunner and Coyote on the building … 

Sean Salisbury is working with Kenny Hill. [Dallas Morning News]

Phil Mickelson is trying to sell his house. [Golf]

A $2.4 million baseball card collection was lost in a plane crash. [Buffalo News]

Former ‘Bama and NFL running back Le’Ron McClain accused of selling synthetic marijuana. [Tuscaloosa News]

Former USC football player arrested for possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine. [The State]

Mayhem Miller asking for donations and his dog back. [KTLA]

Hockey coach fired over Facebook page covered in Nazi propaganda. [the now]

Former Broncos lineman John Moffitt dealing with life after the NFL. [New York Times]

Roger Goodell testified for two hours yesterday during the Ray Rice appeal. [USA TODAY]

Michael Sam, bigotry and trying to find a spot in the NFL. [Bleacher Report]

People had an emotional response to a the Charlotte Hornets’ name change. [New York Times]

Bill Raftery filing trademarks on his catch phrases. [The Washington Post]

News anchor sings “Where they at doe?”

Bottom of the 9th, Game 7 of the World Series. RBI Baseball-style.

A supercut of Kramer eating Jerry’s food.

This Marty McFly hoverboard Halloween costume is awesome.

Are you familiar with the video game pianist?

Short doc on a high school football coach in one of Oakland’s most dangerous areas.

Fat Mike from NOFX kicked a fan in the face after he came on stage.