Roundup: Rob Gronkowski Voice Navigation, Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Separated & Donald Trump Cheats at Golf

By Stephen Douglas
Sep 3, 2015, 8:09 AM EDT

Does Donald Trump cheat at golf? [WaPo]

Inside the analytics of pick-up basketball. My league plays 2’s and 3’s like LeBron intended. [Grantland]

With that in mind, here’s how 3-point shooting has change the NBA. [CheatSheet]

An open letter to Marshall Henderson. [Upside Motor]

On the love of bat flips in Korean baseball. [New York Times]

Kenny Florian bought a $2.75 million house from an Australian rock star. [LA Times]

Rob Gronkowski is a new voice navigation option on Waze. [Boston Magazine]

The story of how Scott Hall became Razor Ramon. [FOX Sports]

Awesome story about Ronda Rousey, a mom, a little girl and the speech disorder Rousey overcame as a child. [The Mighty]

Arkansas putting mac & cheese on burgers at Razorbacks games. Hold onto your butts! [WholeHogSports]

Photographer captures CFL fandom. [Edmonton Journal]

Alison Brie has also been captured taking moving pictures in the past.

Scuba diver encounters seal, gets to rub its belly and other adorable stuff.

Metallica’s “One,” but with a ukulele.

FOX Sports embraces Football Gods in their new ad campaign for the sport that everyone loves.

Donald Trump as Deadpool.

Loud duck noises.