Roundup: RIP Jessica Walter; Dick Stockton Retires; Pepsi, Peeps Teaming Up to Make Marshmallow Soda

Jessica Walter
Jessica Walter / Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Emmy-winning actress Jessica Walter dies at 80... Longtime sports broadcaster Dick Stockton retires... Pepsi and Peeps will be making marshmallow soda together... Patrick Mahomes' foundation enters into multi-year agreement with HBCU Legacy Bowl... Rob Van Dam to be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame... Someone paid nearly $3 million for Jack Dorsey's first tweet... Seattle FC will have a sweet Jimi Hendrix kit... UT history professor publishes findings that 'The Eyes of Texas' does, in fact, have racist origins... Oklahoma basketball coach Lon Kruger announces retirement... NFL won't require vaccines from players... Bo Burnham will play Larry Bird in new HBO series, unsure if people in Boston can handle that news... High school football coach fired for using Holocaust references as audible calls... New York State reaches agreement to legalize recreational marijuana...

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This kid is hilarious. My favorite review yet.

Looks interesting, I guess. One might think the industry has moved past the whole war in the Middle East thing, but I suppose it's a well that will never go untapped.

My goodness. I hope he's okay.

To Daniel Theis, no longer of the Boston Celtics, I salute you.