Roundup: Richard Sherman Signs With the Bucs; 'Old Yeller' Actor Dies; 'Back to the Future' Musical Trailer

Back to the Future musical landing at the Adelphi Theatre in...
Back to the Future musical landing at the Adelphi Theatre in... / SOPA Images/Getty Images

YouTube says it is banning anti-vaccine activists ... United had to fire a few hundred people over their vaccine mandate ... Britney Spears' father suspended from conservatorship ... Dog the Bounty Hunter is now looking for Brian Laundrie ... the mail is about to slow down ... Dollar Tree selling things for more than a dollar ... the dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight sound metal: "Horned crocodile-faced hell heron" ... the surface of Mars was shaped by bad floods ... Tommy Kirk from Old Yeller died ... tax these men ...

Richard Sherman signed with the Bucs. [NFL]

Ben Simmons' trade deamand is about him, not the Sixers. [The Ringer]

Ted Cruz stands with unvaccinated NBA players. [SF Gate]

Sage Steele got vaccinated, but she didn't like it. [Yahoo!]

The Winter Olympics in Beijing will be in a bubble and only local fans will be able to attend. [Yahoo!]

Shoehei Ohtani is done pitching for the season. [ESPN]

Patrick Mahomes seems excited about Josh Gordon. [Arrowhead Pride]

Arkansas basketball landed a very big recruit with 5-star Nick Smith. [ESPN]

Back to the Future: The Musical is coming to London's West End. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to think it looks very enjoyable, but it kind of does.

How long do volcanos.... volcano?

Never Gonna Give You Up and Smells Like Teen Spirit are very similar. Dave Grohl has told this story before.