Roundup: Rabid Dogs Charge Police Officer, One Vine Sums Up Kevin Love's Career in Cleveland


Charlotte McKinney … cool breakdown of where the $200 million movie budget goes … “The Night I Rode with OJ” … it’s another story about somebody in the media quitting twitter! … Jason Kidd signs big extension with the Bucks … I’m sure LeBron will agree with this piece about losses in the Finals … Charlotte has a great dog park where they serve beers … such a sad story about a singer on ‘The Voice’ who was killed by a crazed fan … Will Dustin Johnson ever win a major? … Nevada football player presumed dead after he went missing paddle boarding … Donald Trump vs the Washington Post …  

Somehow missed this Monday: Penguins win the Stanley Cup. Sidney Crosby was MVP. [Post Gazette]

The lack of self-awareness from former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner’s family is unbelievable to read. It’s as if they don’t grasp that their son raped someone. [Fresno Bee]

Jeremy Foley, the longtime Florida athletic director, is retiring effective October 1. [Gainesville Sun]

Impatient sports fans should read this: Why Germany’s soccer success over the last decade has been made possible – they kept their coach. [WSJ]

Last Friday was indeed a great send off for Muhammad Ali. [Undefeated]

Lance Kendricks has a pretty slick $1.8 million Malibu mansion. [Rams Wire]

If you missed the first episode of “OJ, Made in America,” here’s a good recap. I wasn’t aware his father was gay. [Hollywood Reporter]

Great piece on political punditry: “And sure, there’s no question that some of it, — maybe a lot of it — is hot air. But is it really doing harm to discourse? Is it inflaming our deepening partisan divide or somehow, in Jon Stewart’s phrase, ‘hurting America’?” [Washington Post]

This clown threw a bottle at Ryan Howard of the Phillies. [Crossing Broad]

The rise and fall of Marshall Henderson, who was a big deal for two seasons of college basketball. [Uproxx]

Ravens rookie orientation sounds like the first weekend of college – before the partying. [Baltimore Sun]

Well if this doesn’t make you want to watch the show everyday on FS1 at 6 pm …

As far as nutmegs go, this is a pretty one, Joe Hart.

Police officer does a nice job dealing with these two rabid dogs. A happy ending.

This video sums up Kevin Love’s two years in Cleveland.