Roundup: Patrick Mahomes Joins Royals' Ownership, Barr Testimony Gets Contentious, Lincoln Riley Signs Extension

Minority Royals owner Patrick Mahomes
Minority Royals owner Patrick Mahomes / Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes is now a member of the Royals' ownership group at 24, clearly I'm doing something wrong... Steelers defensive tackle Stephon Tuitt explains why he won't kneel for national anthem... Turns out that guy breaking windows at the George Floyd protests was a white nationalist... Cuomo is very displeased about the Chainsmokers drive-in concert in New York last weekend... William Barr testimony gets contentious... Trump got big mad at a press conference again... Mets sign Bruce Maxwell, the only player to kneel during the national anthem a few years ago... 'True Life' star Charlie Balducci passes away at 44... Belarus president who claimed vodka would cure coronavirus diagnosed with Covid-19... Lincoln Riley signs new six-year deal to stay at Oklahoma... Kodak stock soars... TI sits down with Jeezy to discuss potential end of Gucci Mane beef... FDA expands list of potentially toxic hand sanitizers... It'll be Rick Ross vs. 2Chainz for the next Verzuz battle... Zion clears quarantine

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An important update from Forrest MacNeil.

This is pretty awesome. Wish I could ride a skateboard without eating it after 10 feet, much less the witchcraft on display here.

The real genius here is the Lawrence shrine.