Roundup: No Fans at Tokyo Olympics; Michael Avenatti Sentenced For Nike Extortion; Panera Swimwear Line

Michael Avenatti
Michael Avenatti / Spencer Platt/Getty Images

There will officially be no fans at the Olympics as Japan enters state of emergency over COVID cases... Michael Avenatti gets two and a half years in prison for Nike extortion case... Panera swimwear is real... Toyota to cease donations to election objectors... Netflix signs 'Bridgerton' producer Shonda Rimes to new contract... Angel Cabrera sentenced to two years in prison for domestic violence case... Saudi Arabia funds new digital news platform in US... McDonald's has a rewards program now, you can get free fries... Los Angeles County police seize $1 billion worth of marijuana... Trump charged Secret Service over $10,000 for agent rooms in May... Dodge planning to release electric muscle car in 2024... Man arrested over guns in Chicago lakefront hotel pops the question after jail release...

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