Roundup: New York City Cop Berates Uber Driver, Funniest March News Bloopers & Another Alabama Football Arrest

By Jason McIntyre

The Alabama Crimson Tide had a third player arrested since Saturday. []

Ummm, ESPN ranked Kyrie Irving as the … 9th best point guard in the NBA? [Waiting for Next Year]

How does Giancarlo Stanton stay ripped and stay out of the tabloids? [Ocean Drive]

Pretty cool look at Wisconsin’s basketball coaching tree. [LA Times]

Alabama has shown interest in Minnesota coach Richard Pitino. [Star Tribune]

Hard liquor is coming to Philadelphia Phillies games! []

Elementary school kid offers harsh Cam Newton assessment. [Black and Blue Review]

Remember Sam Hurd of the Bears? In jail for drug trafficking? He wants his sentence reduced. [ABC Chicago]

Robin Williams Restricted Exploitation of His Image for 25 Years After Death. [Hollywood Reporter]

NYC cop goes ballistic on Uber driver. Man, this is wild. The F-bombs continue at the 2-min mark.

I sure hope none of the bystanders were hurt here.

The best news bloopers of March 2015. [via Cartmaniak]

Did I say Nina Agdal week yesterday? I should have said month.