Roundup: Michelle Obama on Jimmy Fallon; The Best Pictures on Twitter; Happy USA vs. Canada Day!

By Mike Cardillo

The funniest pictures posted to Twitter? Some of these actually live up to the lofty billing. [Mandatory]

And here are some photos that are fakes. [Gizmodo]

Korn frontman Jonathan Davies is writing … Miley/Obama fanfic? [HyperVocal]

Dutch speed skating coach laughs off Americans complaints about Under Armor suits, also says American football “sucks.” [CNBC]

Did the Phillies report Oregon State pitcher Ben Wetzler to the NCAA after he failed to sign? [Baseball America]

Here’s a map listing the best-selling musical artists by state of birth. Michael Bolton reppin’ that 2-0-3! [Fast Company]

More than 500 migrant workers from India have died since 2012 constructing Qatar’s World Cup stadiums. [The Guardian]

“I crashed a Wall Street secret society.” [NY Mag]

Is winning on Jeopardy! pretty much all about your ability to press a buzzer? [Pacific Standard]

“The Dark Power of Fraternities.” [The Atlantic]

Retroactive Reality Bites power rankings, anyone? [The Wire]

“This Man Claims Hitler is Buried in Spain.” [Vice]

An interview with pregnant pornstar Kayden Kross. [The Awl]

Was Meng/Haku the scariest man in pro wrestling? [Mandatory]

In praise of Kaetlyn Osmond. [700 Level]

Was Michelle Tanner on Full House all just a dream by Danny Tanner after his wife died?

The Walter White school of pizza delivery.

Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Michelle Obama

I generally like Canadians and Canada, but today they’re all a bunch of hosers wearing their stupid trainers and blouses.

Father and son (I think) filming kids slipping on ice. Totally not creepy or anything.

Here’s the trailer for “Unbroken.” (Directed by Angelina Jolie and written by the Coen Bros.)