Roundup: Michelle Carter; Eminem's Letter; & New Water Rule

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie / Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

"Michelle Carter, who urged her boyfriend to kill himself in texts, is released early from jail" ... Nancy Pelosi isn't fond of the Trump administration's new water rule ... Politics dominated television ratings Wednesday ... The best podcast out there on The Outsider ... Eminem defends his new album in an open letter ... This should've been how Game of Thrones ended ... "He killed five tigers and tried to hire a hit man on a rival. Now he's going to prison for 22 years" ... How FICO changes could lower credit scores ... Virus fears drop Dow Jones down 200 points ... 100 employees laid off by 23andMe ... Netflix is still winning ... The impact of the retiring baby boomers ... If you work out, buy an Apple Watch ... An interesting PS5 leak ... Canadians don’t want to pay for Harry and Meghan ... Angelina Jolie on the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunion ... Mike Francesa is high on TikTok's potential ... 

Like Michael Jordan, Patrick Mahomes won't have a worthy rival to challenge him. [The Big Lead]

Michael Breed' new golf show will air Monday mornings on CBS Sports Network. [Viacom]

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This week's taped episode of AEW Dynamite topped WWE NXT in the ratings. [Wrestling Inc]

Fastest reporter in the business?

I agree. I mean, this is Patrick Mahomes we are talking about.

The Witcher is a massive hit.

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