Roundup: Matt Lauer's Bad Night, Super Mario Coming to iPhone

Stephen Douglas

Pat Riley is still taking shots at LeBron. This time by saying Shaq was the biggest acquisition in the history of the Miami Heat. [Yardbarker]

ESPN is broadcasting the World Cup of Hockey. Does the sport need the network? [AP]

Paralympic champion Marieke Vervoort wants to win gold and then kill herself. [Daily Mail]

Salvadorian soccer team applauded for exposing bribery attempt. [Metro]

First round U.S. Open match under instigation for match fixing after unusual betting. [New York Times]

Broncos’ Bradley Roby went on a cheat day at Roscoe’s. [The Post Game]

A look at what Skip Bayless actually wrote about Troy Aikman in his 1996 book. [The Ringer]

Minnesota wrestling coach fired after 30 years. [Star-Tribune]

Jameis Winston ready to yell at his team on Sunday, if needed. [Joe Bucs Fan]

Trailer for an Oasis documentary.

Noah Syndergaard interviews roommate Michael Conforto.

This teacher cannot be shook, does educational covers of popular music.

Norm Macdonald’s Sully movie sounds great.

Hacker fight!