Roundup: Magic Johnson Wanted to Play For the Knicks; No Benefit to Trump's Malaria Drug

Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers / Mike Powell/Getty Images

There was an earthquake in Los Angeles yesterday ... the mayor of Las Vegas wants to reopen the city and just see what happens ... rich people are doing chores for the first time ... Spike Lee doesn't think theaters should open for the sake of entertainment ... the University of Louisville may have developed a technology that can fight coronavirus ... Donald Trump really wants to leave the White House ... seven more big cats have tested positive for coronavirus at the Bronx Zoo ... a doctor was removed as head of a federal agency after resisting Trump's malaria drug ... and it turns out there is no benefit to hydroxychloroquine ... Green Day, Weezer and Fall Out Boy ready, but unable to tour ...

Magic Johnson wanted to be traded to the New York Knicks. [The Athletic]

One of the writers for the Falcons' website caught COVID-19 after seemingly doing everything right. He urges people to take this seriously. [Atlanta Falcons]

Walt Frazier defends his jab at Michael Jordan that showed up in The Last Dance. [New York Post]

Kawhi Leonard lost his case against Nike over the Klaw logo. [Oregonian]

The Dallas Cowboys might draft a quarterback, which would be a total coincidence. [CBS Sports]

The Tiger Woods / Phil Mickelson / Peyton Manning / Tom Brady golf match is a go on TNT. [ESPN]

ICP, with their fans' best interest in mind, has canceled The Gathering this year. Whoop whoop.

Stanley Tucci doing work at home.