Roundup: LeBron James Said "Retarded," Full House Reunion, Christie Brinkley Turning 60


Christie Brinkley turns 60 on Super Bowl Sunday … dammit, Larry … doctor walks 6 miles in the snow to perform life-saving surgery … a beer delivery drone for ice fishers … Waste Management Open has a floating display using 140,000 used golf balls … Florida man invites cop to put a finger in his A … this guy got attacked and extorted for @N … unfortunately, there won’t be a 4-hour director’s cut released of Wolf of Wall Street … an opera about Milli Vanilli … petition to deport Justin Bieber hits 100,000 signatures … McDonald’s worker sold heroin in Happy Meals … German cow farts cause explosion … postal worker stole lots of video games … Miley Cyrus played “Unplugged” ….

Lance Berkman has retired. Feel free to share your favorite Lance Berkman moment in the comments. [WPRO]

Edmonton’s Ben Scrivens stopped 59(!) shots last night. [Toronto Star]

LeBron called a reporter’s question retarded. He had to apologize after the Thunder beat the Heat. [Sun Sentinel]

US luge gets a lot of help from right here in Upstate New York. [Times Union]

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods were playing golf while you were asleep. Rory currently leads the Dubai Desert Classic. [ESPN]

Manu Ginobili is out for a month with a hamstring strain. [Eye on Basketball]

Fran McCaffery kicked a clipboard. [Lost Lettermen]

The Pacers are the Seahawks of the NBA. [Grantland]

A look back at very, very early professional football. [New York Historical Society]

Jamaal Charles wasn’t concerned with his concussion and wanted to come back in the Colts – Chiefs game. [KC Star]

Mom gets surprised with Super Bowl tickets. [Thunder Treats]

So why did Sienna Miller fall off Hollywood’s radar after GI Joe: Rise of Cobra? As fine a question as has ever been asked. [Entertainment Weekly]

I would put Anna Kendrick in a Super Bowl ad.

Marshawn Lynch doesn’t owe any media member anything because he was the focus of ESPN’s greatest accomplishment. Dude was a fresh of breath air.

There was a Full House reunion on Jimmy Fallon.