Roundup: LeBron James Joins Fenway Sports Group; RIP Yaphet Kotto; Possible 'King of the Hill' Revival

LeBron James
LeBron James / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

LeBron James is a part owner of the Red Sox now after joining Fenway Sports Group... Actor Yaphet Kotto dies at 81... A 'King of the Hill' revival set 15 years later is a possibility according to a former writer... FBI facing allegations that background check of Brett Kavanaugh was fake... Broadcaster Amy Gutierrez hired by San Francisco Giants after getting laid off by NBC Sports... Zack Snyder cut of Justice League will also include half-hour documentary... Steven Mnunchin's wife made a very bizarre movie about a bisexual psychopath... Air Force 2 loses VP seal in windy conditions... Merl Code has a book coming out about the black market of college basketball... Prince Phillip leaves hospital after lengthy stay... Robots will disinfect fans entering Fenway Park when attendance opens up... NFL cornerback Tramon Williams announces retirement... Bills wanted Rob Gronkowski back in Buffalo... NBA G-League identifies player who called Jeremy Lin 'Coronavirus'...

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The man has a leg. My goodness.

Good for KD. Seems like he'll be doing some real interesting stuff once he hangs 'em up.

Absolutely absurd that Gamestop Stonks ended up as a 16-seed. Also, my god what a year we've had.

Cool to watch.

A classic Ye track.