Roundup: Kelly Stafford vs. NFL Refs, Woman Mistakes Super Glue for Eye Drops, Justin Bieber Issues Threat

Kyle Koster

Yet another shooting on a college campus … Genevieve Morton … Ben Carson will likely regret this comment about the Holocaust … Kevin McCarthy abruptly drops out of race for House Speaker … Nicki Minaj had pointed words for Miley Cyrus and the Times is on it … Robert Griffin III is still the Redskins No. 1 dancer … Florida man sets up scam to score urine … Lionel Messi to stand trial for tax fraud … Wisconsin chancellor says Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer are overpaid … Game of tag escalates when NYPD captain pulls gunKelly Stafford lays into NFL referees … The latest in a seemingly endless stream of horrible ISIS headlinesThe unforgettable moment Herschel Walker announced himself to the world … Beyonce and Jay-Z bought The Big Lebowski mansion, dude … Wounded Army vet has service dog for best man … Celebrity chef Paul Prudhomme dead at 75 … Trevor Booker suspended one game for punch-slapping Roy Hibbert …Rugby-themed pizza kind of looks like something else … Justin Bieber wants those naked pictures taken down …Woman mistakes superglue for eye drops, now has a big problem …

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Indonesia gave Kim Jung Un an award for being such a swell guy. [Time]

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Sepp Blatter is appealing his 90-day ban. [BBC]

Emma Stone dancing like Christopher Walker arouses conflicting emotions. [Uproxx]

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Things looked bleak for Utah back in December. Now it’s all sunshine and butterflies. [Campus Rush]

Conan O’Brien created SpendKings. [Awful Announcing]

Every new story about the inner workings of the Chicago Sun-Times is sadder than the last. [The Awl]

One way to get away from the cops is to jump off a bridge, like this guy did. He survived.

T-Rex dominates American Ninja Warrior course.

Artie Lange shares a fantastic story about getting thrown on the field during the 1977 World Series.

The guy from Motion City Soundtrack had great sideburns.