Roundup: Keanu Reeves Isn't Married to Winona Ryder; Ugly SEC Arrest


Danielle Herrington, the SI Swimsuit cover girl … woman who just went to the bank and was carrying $75,000 gets attacked … 17-year old caught by his dad having sex with the 41-year old track coach … “Smoke from Western wildfires is coloring Philly skies” … Florida politics, what a dumpster fire …”Man bites off another man’s finger in golf course brawl” … the President got agent orange and napalm confused, hey, it happens! … “‘I Lost It’: The Boss Who Banned Phones, and What Came Next” … Justin Bieber’s manager found these two guys performing at birthday parties, and is trying to make them stars … sickening, terrible story from a hospital in Houston … now, Millennials are being blamed for the demise of mayo … smart way to promote your new movie, Winona Ryder … 

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Podcast: Why Sam Darnold should start for the Jets Week 1, why Odell Beckham doesn’t have a new contract yet, and smart gambling talk for Week 1 of the NFL season. [ITunes]

Sounds like the Spurs will find out next week if Manu Ginobili is going to return for another season. [Express-News]

Boise State defensive tackle is such a good singer, he could try out for a reality show. [Statesman]

Boise State defensive tackle is such a good singer, he could try out for a reality show. [Statesman]

This is not the time to sell your NFL team. Warren Buffett said it best: “Be greedy when others are fearful.” [WSJ]

LSU wide receiver Drake Davis, who had three catches last season, was arrested for alleged battery of his girlfriend. He also texted her, “I might kill you.” [WBRZ]

I urge you to read this tremendous story about how an undercover DEA agent nailed criminals. [New Yorker]

According to a poll of coaches, here are the most overrated coaches in college football: Willie Taggart and James Franklin. Uh, James Franklin? [CBS Sports]

Trevor Hoffman got a statue at Peco Park. [Union Tribune]

UCLA only has two seniors on defense, and just lost one of them for the season to a knee injury. [LA Daily News]

Smart piece about how running backs aren’t dead, they’ve just adapted. The good teams will have them catch more passes now. [Ringer]

Zion Williamson has been dominant in Duke’s preseason.

Pat Mahomes didn’t have a great game Friday, but he did uncork this pass 70 yards in the air to Tyreek Hill.

She went bowhunting and I tried to set it up at the moment she caught a big fish. Impressive.