Roundup: Josh Hart Makes Case for Summer League MVP; 10 Marriage Lessons and more


Scarlett Leithold, a model … an old, amazing story of an amur tiger that had been shot, hunting down and killing the poacher … positive news! “Human Conditions Improving at a Remarkable Speed” … after 10 years of marriage, here are 10 lessonsthat I largely agree with … great read on how teachers and principals should have more freedom – and they’ve got to be held accountable, too … “Archaeologists in Egypt discover mummification workshop” … be careful what you get excited about reading Forbes … well, Sacha Baron Cohen, the media has the knives out for you, here comes the mob … body cam footage shows this 37-year old man clearly had a gun, and reached for it in Chicago before cops shot him …

I’ll applaud Josh Rosen for attempting this: “Under this plan, athletes can profit from various revenue opportunities that arise during their college careers – after they graduate. No diploma, no money.” It’s a start! [Yahoo Sports]

The Jets 2nd round pick from 2015, Devin Smith, was a star at Ohio State. He tore his ACL twice and has been released. [NYDN]

Jalen Brunson, the Mavericks 2nd round pick, has signed a 4-year deal. [Morning News]

Probably the worst premise for a sports column I’ve read in 2018: Should adults stop wearing baseball hats. [Tribune]

Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry walked on to the practice field at USC to work out … []

The LA Times is moving, here’s a piece on the sports department’s history. [Ringer]

Podcast: Why I’d take Jimmy Butler over Kawhi Leonard next year if I’m the Lakers; in-the-moment thoughts on the Chicago Bulls signing of Jabari Parker; NFL futures bets you’re going to love; and why you should focus on incremental gains in life, and stop throwing Hail Mary passes. [ITunes]

“So as long as I do the work to make the best evaluation possible, then you live with it. Nobody’s perfect in this business.” Great outlook from Mike Schmitz, one of the new ESPN draft guys. [Daily Wildcat]

I’ve only been in LA for two years, but I haven’t met a “true angeleno” who roots for the Clippers. [LA Times]

Football is coming up, so I wanted to remember everyone of the last time I watched a really important Jets game. (I’ve blocked out the Bills/Jets Week 17 game that was win-and-in.)

Keep sleeping on Josh Hart, folks. We tried to tell you.