Roundup: John Elway Smitten with Drew Lock; Ugly Road Rage Video in Massachusetts; & an Emotional Support Alligator

By Jason McIntyre

Samantha Logan, one of the stars on ‘All-American’ … here’s a story about an emotional support alligator … “We demand BuzzFeed pay out earned paid time off to its recently laid-off employees” … sad story about a college student killed in a hit-and-run accident in LA … “Facebook knowingly duped game-playing kids and their parents out of money” … five police officers in Houston were shot Monday … “Duke University Apologizes Over Professor’s Email Asking Chinese Students to Speak English” … 

The New Orleans Pelicans are just about done in the Western Conference playoff race, so what do they do with Anthony Davis? You go from the 2nd round of the playoffs to missing them entirely, and yes, it’s time to cut your losses. [The Advocate]

“NFL Is Bullish on Its $25 Billion Revenue Goal Ahead of Super Bowl.” [Bloomberg]

Word on the street is that John Elway is smitten with Drew Lock, the Missouri QB. [Denver Post]

Ray Allen wrote about why he went to Auschwitz. [Players Tribune]

Definitely keep an eye on this: There’s already talk Ezekiel Elliott and DeMarcus Lawrence could hold out seven months from now with the Cowboys. [Star Telegram]

“Daniel Negreanu Puts Family Before Poker.” [Pocket Fives]

Very weird that the Bucks can’t find room in the rotation for Thon Maker, and now he wants out. The Bucks are now a contender, and he wants more playing time? As a big Maker fan, I’d hope he’s soaking up the winning experience instead of sulking. [ESPN]

What a debacle. Road rage argument leads to … man clinging to a hood at 50+ miles an hour on a Boston highway.

Yes, it’s possible – I still marvel at Stephen Curry on a nightly basis. He scored 23 points in the first half last night. He shot 9-of-10. Wait until you see how he capped the half.