Roundup: Joe Biden In Israel; ESPN Comms Director to Retire; The Gang Goes to Game 2

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‘A massacre’: Gaza hospital blast estimated to kill hundreds ... ESPN comms director Chris LaPlaca announces retirement ... At least 17 journalists have been killed during Israel-Hamas conflict, press freedom group says ... Prosecutors seeking to recharge Alec Baldwin in fatal shooting on "Rust" movie set ... Home insurance is so expensive in this Florida town that people are leaving en masse ... Pepper X is named world’s spiciest by Guinness World Records ... Jim Jordan loses first speaker of the House vote with GOP holdouts ... It won't be long now until we know every detail of Jada Pinkett Smith's life ... New AI nightmare popping up on social media ... Joe Biden has touched down in Israel ...

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Well, dammit, they probably should have done this. Maybe the only hands in which we'd trust the Field of Dreams name.

There's just no way the Phillies can lose at home right now.

Fall Out Boy — Heaven, Iowa