Roundup: Joakim Noah Yelled At a Heckler, Chase Utley Returns & It Wasn't Doris Burke's Fault

By Jason McIntyre

You should read this feature on Lionel Messi by Jere Longman. [NYT]

Why has Peyton Manning been so silent during the lockout? [CBS Sports]

Chase Utley returns tonight for the Phillies. Philly went 28-18 without him. [Daily News]

ESPN moves swiftly to defend sideline reporter Doris Burke for Saturday night’s screw-up prior to the Thunder/Mavs game. Someone in the production truck probably got a hammered by the boys in Bristol. [USA Today]

The Vancouver Canucks are one win away from reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. [Sun]

In case you’re curious what Auburn and Alabama pay recruiting services. []

Glen Coffee, the Alabama RB who was with the 49ers but abruptly retired to join the ministry, isn’t sure what he wants to do. [Sac Bee]

Sounds like the Cavs might go with a European player with the 4th pick in the draft … or maybe Kwahi Leonard. [Plain-Dealer]

I’d certainly be interested in a Ray Edwards-Kimbo Slice fight. [Star Trib]

Owning a pro sports team sounds like the most fun thing, ever. [LA Times]

San Diego, San Jose … is there really that big a difference?

Looks like a heckler got to Joakim Noah last night.