Roundup: Jair Bolsonaro Under Investigation; Outdoor Mask Update From CDC; RIP Geno Hayes

Jair Bolsonaro
Jair Bolsonaro / Andressa Anholete/Getty Images

A rookie card of LeBron James sold for a cool $5.2 million... Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro under Senate investigation for politicizing pandemic... Former Jaguars linebacker Geno Hayes passes away at 33... CDC eases restrictions on outdoor mask wearing for vaccinated Americans... India to allow Amarnath pilgrimage despite surge in cases... Greek Neo-Nazi lawmaker stripped of immunity by European parliament... Gas stations could run out of gas this summer... Idaho moves to ban critical race theory in all public schools, including universities... Here's how Aaron Taylor-Johnson met his wife... Jersey Shore fans want Ronnie fired... Judge dismisses lawsuit by Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson... Woman accused of drugging men in Miami-Dade to steal cash and jewelry

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Funny stuff here.

I'd be super into this. I'm into all Monsterverse stuff but Kid Kong (haha!) would be fantastic.

In case you missed it from Monday. Looks good.