Roundup: It's Inauguration Day; Tiger Woods Has Surgery; RIP Don Sutton

Washington Memorial
Washington Memorial / Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

Joe Biden slated to be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States today... Tiger Woods has fifth back surgery... MLB Hall of Famer Don Sutton dies at 75... If $850 million will make me miserable, bring it on... NBA considering having players get vaccine as a PSA to those reluctant to do so.. Melania Trump exits White House with worst first lady popularity rating of all time... Warner Bros. believes the people need a Willy Wonka prequel... Mitch McConnell publicly blames Trump for riot at Capitol... NJ Transit once again ranked worst trains in the nation... ESPN re-signs A-Rod, Matt Vasgesrian... Another class-action lawsuit filed against CD Projekt Red after Cyberpunk rollout... US accuses China of 'genocide' of Uyghurs and minority groups in Xinjiang... What we know about the four coronavirus variants currently known...

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Another update for those wondering. Seems like he's doing well. Good to hear.


Good lord, man.

Excellent stuff. Hope to see more from Eli.

Ridiculous scenes indeed, Mr. Kyrgios.

For fans of the show, ICYMI from a few weeks back. I hear it's outstanding.