Roundup: Historic Stock Losses, Cities On Lockdown, At Least There Are Cute Penguins

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The NFL is still planning to hold the draft next month ... Kirk Cousins got paid ... Joe Biden now leading in the presidential betting horse race ... Is this how it's supposed to work ... COVID-19 now hitting Africa .. NYC health officials threatened to resign over de Blasio's handling of crisis ... NBCUniversal breaks theatrical window ... 9-year-old's Selection Sunday show ... Could go for some whiskey about now ... Donald Trump truly seems to have control of this thing ... Here comes the recession ... On any other day this long-snapper news would have led ... San Francisco told to shelter in place ... Dow Jones down 3000 points and that's not a typo ... Jimmy Graham to the Bears ... The Athletic unlocking content ... Met Gala postponed ... Marcus Mariota could make sense in Oakland ... Halting evictions is something the U.S. should look at ... Why it's important to look at the label ... Familiarize yourself with Zoom, the work-from-home aide ...

Tim Morrison argues that the White House pandemic team wasn't dissolved. [Washington Post]

If Rick Pitino turns Iona into a Gonzaga I will get a Gaels tattoo. [Newsday]

Sports television ratings are down, as predicted. [Showbuzz Daily]

Strato-Matic baseball was there for us once, probably won't catch on this time though. [Boston Globe]

Wash your hands.

Don't do this.

Unabashedly adorable.