Roundup: Highway Sign Falls, Crushes Car; Watch Stephen Curry Score 48 Points on the Mavericks; & Tom Brady is Talking Nonsense


Kendall Jenner,  … 475 passengers sickened on a cruise by the Norovirus … there’s a massive cheese surplus in America … “Facebook Is a Social Menace” people camped out before the opening of the new Chick Fil-A in LA, just to get free Chick Fil-A weekly for a year … lawsuit claims a couple used spycams to watch their nanny shower … two men ran a 921-mile race across Antarctica, and a 33-year old American won in 53 daysSteve Buscemi’s wife of over 30 years passed away recently … 

Tried to tell you guys the underdogs run was over, and the value was on the favorites. Also, on the ‘trade Ben Simmons’ lunacy; LeBron’s extended winter break; the NFL coaching carousel. [Itunes]

Hey Tom Brady, who thinks the Patriots suck? Are you talking about twitter eggs? Nobody thinks they suck. Not as good as they used to be? Of course. [Globe]

Oklahoma’s next QB was thought to be Austin Kendall, who sat patiently behind Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray, both of whom won the Heisman. Now, Kendall is looking to transfer, and be eligible immediately. [Oklahoman]

Feel bad for the sure-handed Alshon Jeffery, who let a pass go through his hands and had it intercepted late in the Saints/Eagles game. []

Nice story about the Johnson family – Marques made the NBA, Kris was a star at UCLA, and now Will is playing at Oregon. [LA Times]

Smart column: “Why Mike Tomlin, Bill Cowher and Chuck Noll might not be hired in today’s NFL.” [Post-Gazette]

Guy who made the tackle that ended the college football career of UCF QB Mckenzie Milton has been getting a lot of nasty stuff on social media from “fans.” [Tampa]

Good job by Northwestern to get ‘The Shrieker’ to quiet down at basketball games. Nobody needs that nonsense. [Tribune]

If you want to feel old, Vin Baker Jr. and Chris Herren Jr. are playing basketball at Boston College. [Boston Globe]

Stephen A. Smith seems to love feuding with athletes. Weird flex, but ok. [Washington Post]

Tough read on Todd Marinovich, the USC QB who bombed out in the NFL. His father really messed him up. Be a good father, guys. []

Stephen Curry dropped 48 on the Mavericks, including the go-ahead 3 in the final minute. Watch and enjoy.

Very cool to catch a wave and have dolphins this close to you. And have a drone capture it.

I’ve never given an ounce of thought to these highway signs, but this what happens when one falls on a car.