Roundup: Ghostbusters Trailer, Debate Dabbing, Brewers Dead Dog Scandal


USC’s basketball DJ finally gets his due …Disney kept potty language out of The Avengers … Oscar Pistorius’ appeal denied … Tom Brady stays winning … Dodgers’ Brett Anderson out 3 to 5 months … Derrick Coleman is delivering water door-to-door in Flint … Lucky family finds $1 million worth of Ty Cobb baseball cards … Mama June fainted … Florida man has terrifying encounter with nine-foot alligator .. Gym employees called the police because Kam Chancellor peeked in the window … New Jersey Transit strike would be a nightmare … QB Jake Fromm flips from Alabama to Georgia ..February was the warmest month ever … Brewers holding press conference today to address Hank the Dog rumors … Does this look like the face of–yeah it does … USFL owner eviscerated Trump years before John Oliver posted his first YouTube clip… Oscar winner Jenny Beavan couldn’t care less about clapping …Kate Upton doesn’t skip leg day … Peter Hooley pens emotional thank you to Albany … Melissa Harris-Perry is not through going after MSNBC … ESPN’s public editor weighs in on the network’s Deflategate coverage … JoJo isn’t going to win The Bachelor but something tells me she’ll be OK.

There are a million reasons to be cynical. The pure, unbridled joy that comes with the optimism of spring training is not one of them. [News-Press]

Never Tweet, the Kansas State president edition. [Kansas City Star]

David Alan Grier is the new Col. Sanders and it’s a good reminder to never read the comments. [New York Daily News]

Great read on George Mason’s improbable 2006 Final Four run. [CBS Sports]

End the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. [Los Angeles Times]

Top 10 comedy lines is sure to be debated. [Hollywood Reporter]

Many claim this Ghostbusters trailer ruined their childhood. Don’t know about any of that but I am nonplussed.

Morgan Freeman narrating people walking down the street is electric.

Can this clip be president?

People could not stop dabbing at the Republican debate.