Roundup: Freddy Adu Speaks; More Trouble for Garrison Keillor; & Patriots Have Easiest Super Bowl Path Ever


Elizabeth Turner, who is popular on Instagram … “Robber stole vehicle, then ran over legs of disabled Texas Navy veteran” … cities are now reduced to saying why they’re better off that Amazon did not pick them … “3 Ways to Improve Your Decision Making” … a deep dive into Garrison Keillor reveals “dozens” of sexually inappropriate incidents … “Evangelicals gave Trump a ‘mulligan’ on past behavior” … exceptional read on New Yorker staff writer Jia Tolentino … “Is Texas doing enough to stop moms from dying?” … over a million former felons will be able to vote in Florida this year … “Hoover High School teacher placed on leave for using racial slur in classroom” … I’ve never seen an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but you’ve got to read this by Ellen Pompeo

It’s crazy that Freddy Adu is only 28 years old, and hasn’t played in a professional soccer match in a year. []

Everything you needed to know about the kinesiology tape Tom Brady wore on his hand in the AFC Title game. [Sport Techie]

Why does the media insist on asking athletes about their political affiliation? And in post-game press conferences? Really? [Outkick the Coverage]

Here’s a list of nine backup QBs who have won a Super Bowl. Roger Staubach and Terry Bradshaw are on that list. [Penn Live]

Fascinating read, if you’re into Bitcoin: “How a top source of bitcoin data contributed to a sudden plunge in digital currencies.” [WSJ]

Baker Mayfield is at the Senior Bowl, but it appears to be to work with NFL coaches, not actually play. [Sporting News]

According to the stat guys, beating Marcus Mariota and Blake Bortles is the easiest path to the Super Bowl in NFL history. [538]

There’s a movie called Death Wish coming out … starring Bruce Willis?

Spencer Dinwiddie nearly got his 3rd game-winner this month. But then Russell Westbrook answered.

Come on, you know you get a smile when you hear this song. Yes, I saw Pitch Perfect 2 recently.