Roundup: Fox on Skip Bayless; Adam Sandler's New Flick; Ohio State vs. Big Ten

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Fox Sports issued a statement on Skip Bayless ... Actress Diana Rigg dies at 82 ... They didn't think this Cuties all the way through ... Century 21 shutting it down ... Ryan Day pushing hard for Ohio State to keep playing ... Joe Judge went off during practice ... Ninja returned to Twitch ... Craig Sager Jr. says he's done with the NBA ... What does the future of music festivals look like ... 10 facts about the flu shot ... NCAA not doing that wacky all-inclusive tournament ... Paris Hilton mulling motherhood ... Indoor dining returning to NYC .... Kansas City Chiefs' offense is still very good ... Bruce Springsteen has released more music for sportswriters ...

Carlton Banks was more than a dance. [The Ringer]

Caddieshack star will get his wish to caddie at the U.S. Open. [Golf Digest]

Myles Garrett thinks he's better, wants to clear the air with Mason Rudolph. []

In so many ways, the 2020 campaign is just the 2016 campaign only with a deadly pandemic. [Detroit Free Press]

LeBron James' wife is not a big fan of this bubble life. [Yahoo]

How a $986 property tax debt can make its way to the Supreme Court. [Reason]

Adam Sandler has a new movie in the works.

Down goes Serena.

The 1975 - If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)