Roundup: Fox News on How to Keep Your Husband Happy & Kelly Osbourne Regrets Latinos Comment

By Jason McIntyre

Charlotte McKinney … if you’re looking for faux outrage today, it’ll be over this NYT op-ed on Cecil the Lionextremely troubling story here about a kid’s life being ruined after he had sex with a girl who told him she was 17 … “Arizona man accused of decapitating wife emits howl in court” … come on Ben Affleck, stay away from the nanny … purple drank banned from pharmacies nationwide … Norway starts a school for “want-to-be Vikings” where students will learn “essential Viking crafts” … Rihanna’s Carnival outfit is revealing … you need three TVs in your man cave … “Hunting trophies: Delta, United and American ban transport” … a meth lab was found in a Taco Bell in Iowa … “Woman pulls gun on driver after road rage incident” … people are finally coming around on True Detective, a show I’ve enjoyed all seasonKelly Osbourne apologizes for comments about Latin people cleaning toilets … Toronto TV star found dead in alley … 

If true, Jay Gruden’s in a spot where he’ll have no chance to win: He had to convince owner Daniel Snyder to bench RGIII. [CBS DC]

Gary Trent, a high school basketball player whose father played in the NBA, visited UCLA this week. [Scout Hoops]

The New York Jets are ranked 30th in a ranking of QB “situations,” which seems kind of generous. I would have gone 32, yes, ahead of the Bills. [Houston Press]

Thanks for the candor, Ted Ginn. He admits to chasing a check in Arizona. [Observer]

The UNC women’s basketball team is all transferring because everyone thinks they’re going to get hit hard by the NCAA. [Daily Tar Heel]

The Boston Red Sox scouting department stinks. [Providence Journal]

Chip Kelly wonders if maybe some of the comments about him being racist this summer stem from the Riley Cooper decision. []

Megyn Kelly, oops!

Dude who got knocked out his 48 years old. Why is he boxing?

Marvin the Martian vs. Blake Griffin in a dunk contest.

These guys are trying to make Mountain Pong a thing. It doesn’t look bad.

Let me guess, people are going to be outraged over this?