Roundup: FBI's Most Wanted Captured; Game of Thrones Cast Gets PAID; Elle Macpherson at 50


The design on this NBA preview is fantastic. Boomshackalacka! [Complex]

A must-read profile on Madison Bumgarner’s father. [NYT]

“Tomb Raiders” are breaking into old crypts in Jordan looking for Bronze-era riches, to the dismay of archaeologists. [Washington Post]

Good story about a record-setting California high school kicker and his grandfather, a Holocaust survivor. [Fox Sports]

Strip malls are now a go-to place for haunted houses. [WSJ]

Cleveland columnist goes out on a ledge, writes the Cavs won’t win 70 games. (Before last night’s game no less.) [Plain Dealer]

NASCAR writer Holly Cain details her battle with cancer. []

Good news: the tide of millennials moving in with their parents has peaked. (I have no idea what any of this means.) [Fusion]

Elle Macpherson talks turning 50. [Ocean Drive]

Scientists make strides diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome thanks to new brain scans. [Today Health]

The five-worst NBA contract extensions in recent memory. [HoopsHype]

Deep look at whether or not Alex Gordon had a chance for an inside-the-park home run Wednesday night. [FanGraphs]

“The 12 Most Deeply Unsexy Halloween Costumes” [Cracked]

Taylor Swift is well on her way to being a billionaire. [BroBible]

Here’s a quiz about The Walking Dead that is very, very easy. (Assuming you’re one of the 18 million people who watch the show each week.) [Vulture]

Ranking the 25 Treehouse of Horror episodes from The Simpsons. [Uproxx]

Remember that time that guy from Chevy was very nervous on live television and stuff?

Lioness hunting with a GoPro.

Funny interview with Ohio State player Michael Bennett via [Eleven Warriors]

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