Roundup: Elementary School Shooting; Zach Wilson is Thick; Seth Green's NFT Show Trailer

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels
Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

America's latest mass shooting involves 19 dead elementary school children ... Steven Tyler enters rehab ... What's the deal with blue plate specials ... U.S. birth rate ticks up for first time since 2014 ... Ritz crackers and Oreo cookies combining forces ... NFL Scouting Combine remaining in Indianapolis ... Jalen Green gives his take on Bill Simmons' comment as the two clear air ... Trump's sway faces biggest midterm test in Georgia's Republican races ... Arizona Cardinals will be the in-season Hard Knocks team ... North Korea launched some missiles ... Ricky Williams changed his name ...

Tyreke HIll gushes over Tua's passing ability. [Dolphins Wire]

Zach Wilson has put on some weight this offseason. "He's thick." [New York Post]

Tim Anderson done with Josh Donaldson. Again. [ESPN]

Marshawn Lynch laughed at Pete Carroll after he called that pass. [Bleacher Report]

A glowing review of Shorsey. [IGN]

The All-NBA teams were announced. [NBA]

Seth Green made a TV show about his NFT before it was stolen. Here's is the trailer for that show.

Natasha Cloud of the Washington Mystics.