Roundup: Donald Sterling Banned from Bunny Ranch Brothel, Dan Patrick to Host Sports Jeopardy, Florida Men Do Florida Things


SI reporter Franz Lidz publishes new details from Donald Sterling cover story that were scrubbed from the original version: “[S]o much of his behavior — extreme parsimony, discriminatory practices, wild sexual escapades — was deemed too weird, too cruel, too contemptible. An editor told me, ‘You’ve demonized him.'” [Sports Illustrated]

Bill Simmons sat behind Donald Sterling on a flight last year, and documented it extensively (and entertainingly!) last night [Grantland]

It’s cheaper to buy medical marijuana in Colorado than to pay legal retail [FiveThirtyEight]

British Model and TV personality Peaches Geldof reportedly died of a heroin overdose [Times of London]

High school student who got into all eight Ivy League universities makes his decision [NY Mag]

Eight amazingly hot photos of Stephen Curry’s mom [Sports Pickle]

Dan Patrick to host sportsy version of Jeopardy [AP]

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Jeff Goodman’s latest NBA mock draft goes Parker-Wiggins-Embiid [ESPN Insider]

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Evaluating the importance of hand-size in NFL quarterbacks [Rotoworld]

Luther Campbell on Devonta Freeman: “I told him, ‘if you decide to go down the wrong road, then the chances of your brothers ending up in jail or dead will be greater.'” [Miami New Times]

Kiwi Gardner’s journey from YouTube sensation to impressive D-League rookie [Mashable]

Bob McGinn ranks wide receivers and tight ends ahead of the NFL Draft [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]

Comcast says the PR campaign discovered by Clay Travis in which supposed SEC fans didn’t want to pay for the SEC network was “not authorized to be implemented” [Fox Sports]

The story of a Pennsylvania killer who spent 33 years leading a double life in Texas [Penn Live]

#TBT: Erotic Guy Fieri fan fiction (obviously NSFW) [VICE]

Hamsters eating tiny burritos.

Dumb and Dumber cut up into a drama

Top ten wrestling comebacks of all-time features a healthy dose of Jim Ross and Jerry the King … WHAT’S HE DOING HERE?!?!?!

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