Roundup:Death oftheDeath Penalty IncredibleStarWars Theory &Jeopardy Confusion Over Auburn & Alabama


Sara Sampaiao, a Victoria’s Secret Model … how an NFL writer lost 125 pounds … car salesman beaten, thrown in the trunk during test drive, but luckily he had his iphone on him … so does North Korea have an H-bomb or not? … Esquire put together a ‘rage’ survey … “Writer Says Cheerleaders Shouldn’t Get Fair Wage Because They ‘Work Closely’ With Rich Players … losery New Jersey couple left their three children in a cold car while they went in a casino to gamble … uncomfortable to watch the TSA pat down a 10-year old girl for nearly two minutes … bright idea: “Hero Restaurateurs Open George Costanza-Themed Bar” … Reggie Bush and his wife went to Mexico, here are some photos … if you like some politics with your drugs, cops and money laundering, this story is for you … “Lenny Kravitz Accused Of Illegal Dentistry In The Bahamas” … I’m obsessed with this Star Wars theory: is Rey Ben Kenobi’s granddaughter? … this is a great headline: “man with a bionic penis will lose his virginity to a dominatrix who ran for parliament” … man in Texas has carved out a nice life providing Bachelor spoilers …

My podcast about the sad college football playoff and where Chip Kelly may land this week. Also, interviews with Albert Breer of NFL Network and Danny Kanell, the former FSU QB. [Full 3-hour Show40-minute podcast]

Are you ready for MLB Hall of Fame decision day? [Cincinnati Enquirer]

TJ Simers, the former LA Times columnist, had his court case award trimmed from $7.1 million to $0. That’s terrible. [LA Times]

Stanford running back Barry Sanders is going to transfer and will have one year of eligibility as a gradate transfer. [Oklahoman]

Excellent column about Dabo Swinney, who lived with his mom off campus at the University of Alabama. [Yahoo Sports]

Yes, the Cleveland Browns should dump Johnny Manziel. []

Texas A&M is falling apart. Their athletic director, Eric Hyman, has stepped down after 3+ years. [Tex Ags]

A Buffalo Bills fans who tailgates hard has been profiled. [Democrat & Chronicle]

I’m probably alone, but I like DeShaun Watson’s chances of having a good enough game for Clemson to cover. [Campus Rush]

So the Buffalo Bills owner says if Rex Ryan and GM Doug Whaley don’t get to the playoffs next year, they’re both gone? Great way to run a business. [Buffalo News]

Nate Silver, who looks constipated in this photo, says working at the Times was like being at an Ivy League school; being at ESPN is a “very good state school.” [Ad Week]

The death of the death penalty. [Economist]

Keith Frazier has left the SMU basketball team. He was at the center of an NCAA investigation. He was averaging 11.9 ppg. [CBS Sports]

Cool story about Alabama’s “Medical Tent,” which is probably going to catch on in college football. [USA Today]

Floyd Mayweather is crying that there’s racism in boxing and UFC. What he’s missing, is … [J. School]

The War on Football continues: “American football is too dangerous, and it should be abolished.” [Guardian]

CJ Anderson. That had to hurt the DB.

Reggie Ragland. Now that’s a 1st round draft pick.

Confusing Auburn and Alabama on Jeopardy? That’s going to make the rounds.