Roundup: David Fizdale vs Marc Gasol; Nelly Performing a Concert for Men Only

By Jason McIntyre

Olivia Jordan, a model … helpful piece on how to not gain weight around the holidays … mind-boggling: “Mom charged after putting recording device in daughter’s backpack” … back in 1930, when there was no actual news, newscasts played piano music … a 12-year old walked outside of his dad’s shop in Cleveland after gunshots rang out, and was killed by a stray bullet … this feels like dirty poker from Amazon: Employee taxes paid in Chicago go back to Amazon, not the city of Chicago … Nelly is going to perform a concert for men only in Saudi Arabia … the 2017 word of the year is “complicit

If you weren’t paying attention to college basketball over the Thanksgiving break, mighty Arizona, one of the favorites to win the NCAA title, lost three times. [Sporting News]

The headline says Jay Bilas vs the NCAA, but it’s not really about that. The NCAA needs Jay Bilas, and it knows that. [The Atlantic]

It really does appear that people in Texas are still doubting Dak Prescott. [Star-Telegram]

David Fizdale vs Marc Gasol is a battle I had no clue was going on. [Commercial Appeal]

My radio show from this week: Why Chip Kelly is such a great hire for UCLA, and why I wouldn’t fire Jason Garrett. [Fox Sports Radio Podcast]

Radio guy Craig Carton lost his job recently – you may have heard – but now he has a podcast. [Newsday]

The public crushed Vegas in NFL gambling in November, as favorites covered 69% against the spread. [ESPN]

Welp, more bad news for Rick Pitino. You never saw this coming! [WDRB]

LeBron takes a jab at the Cleveland Browns: His “NFL player” right now is Carson Wentz. Of course, the guy who the Browns could have drafted. []

Why do nightclub floors keep collapsing?

DeAndre Hopkins did stuff like this all Monday night, but three Tom Savage turnovers helped the Ravens win, 23-16.