Roundup: Daily Northwestern Controversy; Alex Trebek Tears Up; Extremely Biased Announcer

Kyle Koster
The Masters - Par 3 Contest
The Masters - Par 3 Contest / Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. potentially triggered at Triggered book event ... Wendy's is turning 50 ... Amazon trying to compete with Whole Foods now ... Ohio State trying to get Chase Young reinstated ... Brands still love to advertise during baseball ... Seattle Seahawks emerging as serious contender in the NFC ... Daily Northwestern apologizes for doing basic journalism ... Sean Payton engaged to a former Miss West Virginia ... Disney Plus has gone live ... Alex Trebek moved ... John Bolton got a phone call ... 70 percent of the country is freezing

How big a of a scumbag do you have to be to get involved in setting up a slush fund for R. Kelly? [The Daily Beast]

Legalized sports betting has an affect on college athletes. What kind, exactly? One explains. [Sports Handle]

Rickie Fowler's honeymoon derailed by by food poisoning. [TMZ]

Richard Sherman was properly recognized, even by his own standards, after last night's game.

When you couldn't possibly be more of a homer.

PSA: The tunnel is not the uprights.

Sonic looks better.