Roundup: Chris Harrison Done as 'Bachelor' Host; College Football Playoff Looking at Expansion; RIP Jim Fassel

Liam McKeone
Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison / Chance Yeh/Getty Images

Jim Fassel, former coach of the New York Giants, dies at 71... Chris Harrison is officially out as host of the 'Bachelor' franchise... College Football Playoff could expand to 12 teams soon... Stiletto crocs exist... Red Sox honor family of Pete Frates... Burger King donates to LGBTQ+ organizations, taking shot at Chick-Fil-A in the process... Matt Gaetz tried to get a job at Newsmax, was rejected... Horny cicada blamed for car crash in Cincinnati... Shepard Smith paired with NBA host Meghan Triplett for big Olympic role... Pharmacist who tampered with COVID vaccines sentenced to three years in prison... Washington state giving out free weed joints to encourage vaccine... Lake Mead at the Hoover Dam to reach lowest water level in decades...

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