Roundup: Chris Borland Details His Decision to Leave NFL; Origins of the Carlton Dance


Alicia Vikander … Jimmy Buffet fans left makeshift toilets behind at a show in Massachusetts. … College student tries to sell his bike on Facebook, gets ambushed by four teenagers and beaten. … Kangaroos on the loose in Tuscon. … Caitlyn Jenner could face manslaughter charge for California highway crash. … Sewage smells at London stadium set to host rugby World Cup. … Raptors gave Jonas Valanciunas a contract extension. … Syrian man walks into his own funeral. … Michigan mayor wants to ban personal flamethrowers. … Head lice concerns in Kansas City as school resumes. … Here’s the FWAA 75th anniversary All-America team. … $35,000 worth of jewelry left in the back of an NYC cab. … Breakdancing fail. … Florida couple eats 60-year-old wedding cake each year on their anniversary. … Happy Birthday: Kenny Rogers (77); Archie Griffin (61); Kim Cattrall (59); Jim McMahon (56); John Wetteland (49); Carrie-Ann Moss (48); Craig Counsell (45); Sergey Brin (42); Alicia Witt (40); Reuben Droughns (37); Kelis (36); Melvin Upton (31); Usain Bolt (29); Robert Lewandowski (27); Hayden Panettiere (26). … Have a nice weekend.

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Jimmy Carter’s cancer had spread to his brain, says “”I’m perfectly at ease with whatever comes.” [Washington Post]

Alfonso Ribeiro details how the Carlton dance originated. [Vulture]

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Ohio State’s quarterback plan is still unsettled. [NYT]

“If you collected all the non-fictional lunchpail ethos that Philadelphians see in themselves and mixed it with the fictional Rocky spirit in a laboratory to create an athlete, you’d name him Chase Utley.” [Newsworks]

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Milennials love Bernie Sanders. [Guardian]

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This is a link about deep-friend county fair food that is entire amazing or horrifying. Maybe both. [Uproxx]

Brian Cashman told Derek Jeter he’d rather have Troy Tulowtizki (in 2010). [NESN]

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“Adrian Peterson’s suspended reality” [ESPN]

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26-year-old develops tea bag to turn lite beers into craft beers. [Outside]

Jason Kubel is selling his California house. [Busted Coverage]

Trailer for The Martian … which is three minutes and basically a movie unto itself.

Terrible celebrity interviews.

Mac DeMarco

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