Roundup: Chicago Bulls Mutiny Details; High School Football Player Kills Pregnant Girlfriend


Sammi Hanratty, an actress from Shameless … politics are very ugly right now, and Walgreens is going to catch heat for this … Kansas State has hired North Dakota State’s Chris Klieman as its head football coach … sometimes, if you give people too much rope, they hang themselves, and that was the case at 60 Minutes … “Nationals holding tryouts for racing mascots” … here’s more positive sports gambling news … high school football player killed his girlfriend because she was pregnant, and it was too far in the pregnancy to get an abortion …

How I was able to go 5-0 in the Supercontest this week, and how I’ll apply those theories to Week 15 in the NFL, where there are many good match ups. [Coming Up Winners]

The Seahawks defense was tremendous, and Seattle is in great position for a playoff spot with a 21-7 win over the struggling Vikings. Minnesota keeps losing games to playoff teams. Are the Vikings a playoff team? [Seattle Times]

So who triggered the Bulls mutiny against their interim coach, Jabari Parker or Zach LaVine? What a bad look for the entire team. [Yahoo Sports]

I don’t think there’s anything Dirk Koetter can do to keep this job. [Joe Bucs Fan]

This seems obvious, but don’t try to be a hero. Don’t take a charge from Zion Williamson. The risk of injury is real. [WSJ]

Will Grier made the right choice skipping his exhibition bowl game; why Karl Anthony-Towns and Joel Embiid are millennial babies; and the zig-zag theory on gambling. [Itunes]

Just shocking news. Who could have imagined? “The five counties with the highest median incomes all surround the Big Government of Washington, D.C.” [Axios]

This is super interesting: Do the Lakers have more trade capital than the Celtics to land Anthony Davis? I don’t think so, but … [Bleacher Report]

LeBron felt the need to tell someone on the Heat that he’s leading the NBA in points per quarter. Also, he missed this free throw, but did finish with 28-12-9 in the win.

Incredible video of a lion in trouble against 20 hyenas. I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s fantastic.

Love a good end-of-days monster movie. This one looks good.