Roundup: Buck Showalter Joins MLB Network, Lionel Messi Leaving Barcelona, 'The Last Dance' Podcast Coming

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi / Pool/Getty Images

Buck Showalter joined MLB Network... Jacob Blake paralyzed from the waist down after shooting by Kenosha police... Lionel Messi has informed Barcelona he wants out... Bella Thorne making big bucks with her OnlyFans account... Also Plaxico Burress has one now, do with that knowledge what you will... 'Beyond The Last Dance' podcast coming soon... Harpoon teaming up with Dunkin' Donuts to create donut-themed beer in the best Boston team-up since the last Matt Damon/Ben Affleck movie... McDonalds debuting Spicy Nuggets... Spotify signs deal with Riot Games... Manchester United captain Harry Maguire given 21-month sentence for various charges... No fans at Chargers, Rams games for the foreseeable future... You can buy Lucky Charms marshmallows by the BAG for a limited time... Jerry Falwell Jr. resigns from Liberty University... Zimbabwe schools can no longer expel pregnant girls

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Interested to see how this comes out. I like Millie Bobbie Brown a lot and the world of Sherlock Holmes will never not be fascinating.

Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan? Sign me UP!

This is just a damn masterpiece, even if it is an ad. Could've ripped that training montage straight from Hot Rod, the greatest movie of all time. That is an indisputable statement. I will take no questions.