Roundup: Bubba Wallace and NASCAR Had a Big Week; Cracker Barrel Selling Booze; Adidas Pledges $120 Million

Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace / Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Bubba Wallace finished 11th in his race on Wednesday after an eventful week ... arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor ... Cracker Barrel is going to start serving alcohol ... Killer Mike took over Selena Gomez's Instagram ... for Outlander fans, Jamie and Dougal are getting a Scottish travel show on Showtime ... here's a terrifying story of the United States media helping to overthrow a democratically elected president in Bolivia late last year ... Trump keeps getting bad polling numbers ... 2019 bodycam footage shows Derrick Scott saying "I can't breathe" and a cop saying "I don't care" before Scott would die at a hospital ... Trump opposes renaming military bases named after generals who lost a war ... La Guardia got a ($4 billion) makeover ...

Adidas has pledge to put $120 million into black communities. [Sole Collector]

Roger Federer will be out for the entirety of 2020 because of an injury setback. [ESPN]

"The Confederate flag is gone. I will not miss it for one single second." [ESPN]

UFC's Fight Island just turned out to be another trip to a man made island in Abu Dhabi where they've been going for a decade. Par for the course for the UFC. [The Athletic]

Luka Doncic isn't in the best shape right now. On behalf of the entire TBL editorial staff, we are not judging. [Dallas Morning News]

There's a petition to abolish the KKK and declare it a terrorist organization. The year is 2020. That explains a lot actually. [NY Post]

Tom Cruise is something else.