Roundup: Bielema's Reality Show, Finebaum's Most Famous Caller, Holly Sonders' Popularity


Alan Rickman dead at 69 … Twoadayz from The Dan Patrick Show was on American Idol … ISIS claims responsibility for Jakarta attacks … Charlie Hedbo has not toned it down a bitBret Bielema’s reality show has potential … Blair Walsh met with kids who wrote him letters of support … Meanwhile, EA Sports destroyed him via social media … The complete list of Academy Award nomineesDrake and Kevin Hart will match basketball wits … What happens in the very unlikely event Donald Trump loses …  … Isaac Bruce reflects on happier football times in St. Louis … Washington lawmaker equates daily fantasy to El Chapo’s drug cartel .. Former offensive lineman Derrick Dockery joins Paul Ryan’s staff … Current Chip Kelly could learn a lot from young Chip Kelly … People aren’t getting as violently ill on cruise ships as often … Pregnancy announcement on Facebook hijacked by co-worker having affair with mother-to-be …Celene Dion’s husband dies after long cancer fight … Atheist is fighting to remove “In God We Trust” from money … Phyllis from Mulga could use your help … Brittney Alger

Might watch Pitch, a scripted hourlong drama about a female Major League Pitcher. [Hollywood Reporter]

These people won the lottery. [Today]

Holly Sonders is popular with players and coaches for some reason. [NESN]

Michelle Beadle has a new contract with ESPN and it will mean more marquee air time. [Hollywood Reporter]

This North Carolina toddler has great knowledge of the Carolina Panthers roster. Sadly, in 80 years she’ll be writing letters to the editor. [WBTV]

Just because it’s January doesn’t mean a hurricane can’t gain steam over the Atlantic. [Accuweather]

A vegan butchershop. What a time to be alive-not eating meat or diary. [New York Daily News]

Ricky Gervais vs. Teen Bullfighter. [Sports Grid]

This is a good dog.

Elton John’s tribute to David Bowie.