Roundup: Bat Boy Dies After Being Hit in the Head; 'Goodnight Mommy' Trailer Will Haunt Your Dreams

By Jason McIntyre
Aug 3, 2015, 8:00 AM EDT

Arielle Kebbel, who is on Ballers … “Most of the Republicans are wary of taking on Mr. Trump because he seems impenetrable” … helluva obit that will make you think about politics and personal responsibility … sure sounds like Rolling Stone magazine is a mess … 18-foot snake caught in the Everglades is the 2nd largest in Florida history … gut-wrenching story about a mom who rescued two girls who were drowning – but she didn’t make it … man in Zimbabwe on Cecil the Lion: “we have water shortages, no electricity and no jobs – yet people are making noise about a lion” … Uber has been “valued” at $51 billion, but the drivers who are the business still make peanuts … some of the quotes in this Confederate Flag rally at Stone Mountain are extremely troubling … so far, Sony has had an awful summer at the movies … “19 Years After Passing Strict Gun Control Laws, Here’s What Happened in Australia” … Memphis police officer, who was wearing a bullet-proof vest, was shot to death during a traffic stop … helluva headline: “Dead deer discovered at dead Deere plant” … so the ‘Fast and Furious’ federal sting operation sort of messed up … “I am not a neutral observer–can I still be a fair reporter?” …

Nine-year old bat boy dies after being hit in the head by a player swinging. The bat boy was wearing a helmet. [KC Star]

Aaron Kromer, the Bills offensive line coach, has been suspended six games for his arrest earlier this summer. [Buffalo News]

Could Josh Elliott be leaving NBC to return to ABC? [Variety]

“Remembering Sports Phone and 976-1313: When sports info was a phone call away.” [Newsday]

Spencer Tillman is joining forces with Tim Brando again to call college football games on Fox Sports networks. [Chronicle]

Well, this story about Millennials is garbage. They have a ton of education but aren’t making any money. I know plenty of people who made very little money the first 5-6 years out of college. [NY Times]

The Chicago Bears are cracking down on the media at training camp. [Poynter]

Nice little weekend for Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio on the politics front. [Courier-Journal]

Stephen Hill, a former bust with the Jets, was cut this week by the Panthers one day after tearing his ACL. [Observer]

American casinos clean up, but none of them are among the highest-grossing casinos in the world. [The Economist]

The Warriors acquired Jason Thompson from the 76ers in exchange for Gerald Wallace. [SF Gate]

The Ohio State band always seems to be in the news. Now, alumni are pissed at them! [WSJ]

Two thugs talk trash to a lifeguard, he steps to them; he puts one of them DOWN for the count. I don’t see the allegedly sexual harassment the women is claiming.

Goodnight, Mommy. Well, this is a freaky-looking movie.

The SI Casting Call is a smart move by the magazine.