Roundup: Baby Elephant vs Crocodile; Man Busted Stealing Cell Phones at Coachella; & Running Adds Hours to Your Life


Nicole Williams, who is Instagram-famous … this 5-year old died in an unspeakably bad accident at a hotel in Atlanta… “Rural Tennesseans could have gotten free internet but their legislators shut it down” … if an hour of running adds seven hours to your life, if you run just an hour a week for a year, you’d add 15 days to your life … “FBI documents detail how the Russians try to recruit spies” … there’s going to be a suicide prevention net around the Golden Gate Bridge … the new McDonald’s uniforms look like something out of Star Trek … the oldest person in the world, the last person born in the 1800s, died over the weekend … this image of the highway simply buckling is puzzling … man steals 100 cell phones at Coachella, but people activated “find my iPhone” and they caught the thief easily …

Peter King and Albert Breer came on my radio show and talked about the NFL Draft and QB development. Thought-provoking stuff. Also, NBA playoff banter – plus the terrible Knicks – with Noah Coslov. [Fox Sports Radio Podcast; Full 3-Hour Radio Show]

US Women’s soccer stars are going to Europe to play. Which makes sense. [NY Post]

PJ Dozier could have returned and been one of the best players in the SEC, but he’s going to the NBA and signing with an agent. [Yahoo Sports]

Really, really long story of how the Raiders got to Las Vegas. [ESPN the Magazine]

A bit late on this, but here’s a breakdown of how many times golfers at the Masters were shown on CBS. [Classic TV]

The oldest basketball court in the world is located in … Paris? [NYT]

Remember the Tony Romo-Mavericks stunt last week? It was a huge ratings win for the team. [Dallas Morning News]

“How the ‘Real Housewives’ Reveal Race, Culture and Wealth Issues in L.A. and N.Y.” [Hollywood Reporter]

Carve out some time to read this lengthy story on the stolen Tom Brady jersey. [SI]

Baby elephant gets a drink, and gets bitten by an crocodile.

I went on Chris Broussard’s podcast last week and beat him up a bit.