Roundup: Ariana Grande; Ross Perot Dies at 89; Tom Steyer Announces 2020 Run; Mexican Finance


Ariana Grande opens up about Mac Miller, Pete Davidson in Vogue interview… Billionaire Ross Perot dies at 89… Mexican finance minister quits with scathing resignation letter… In-state students at University of Texas will receive full scholarships if parents’ income is less than 65kBillionaire Tom Steyerannounces 2020 run… Judges may strike down Obamacare in Texas… 1,250 foot road linking Europe to China given green light… Heroic uncle rescues niece from burning house… Alligator living in Humboldt Park Lagoon, Chicago… Actor Kang Ji Hwan arrested for sexual assault… Comedians raise money for FDNY families… Eight arrested at port protest in Salt Lake City… 

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This is… horrifying

"Amazon, 1999: A book store, but online! Amazon, 2019: WE WANT TO BUILD SOMETHING CALLED A “WAR CLOUD.”"

— Parker Molloy (@ParkerMolloy

This is somehow going to be better than the Black Panther soundtrack

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