Roundup: Aquaman Trailer; Terror at Trader Joe's; & Carmelo Anthony is the Dez Bryant of the NBA


Elizabeth Turner, who continues to crush Instagram … he stopped to buy candy for his 5-year old, and then was shot to death over a parking spot … “Ex-Georgia Tech fraternity president admits raping girlfriend, sentenced to 20 years” … Midnight Run turned 30, so it’s probably time I saw it, right? … terror at a Trader Joe’s in Spring Lake outside LA after a man killed his grandmother and went on the run … a man went on a date with a woman, stole her car, and then went on a date with the woman’s god-sister …

Why you should like LeBron’s pickup of Michael Beasley; Carmelo Anthony is the Dez Bryant of the NBA; and what to make of Jimmy G dating a porn star. [ITunes]

Stephen Curry is taking the longest non-injury basketball break of his career – three weeks. He’s going to slowly work his way back with biking and yoga. [Variety]

Tiger Woods has been washed for years, but a memorable performance at the Open Championship has everyone thinking he’s gonna get a major. [Guardian]

Jerry Buss wanted LeBron James as far back as 2010, and it’s got to make his daughter thrilled that the Lakers finally got him. [LA Times]

Really good piece on what’s next for Netflix. It wants to be TV, and eliminate all competitors. But can it consistently put out good content? [FT]

If you’re wondering why Toronto was so tore up about the trade of DeMar DeRozan … he was a good guy in the city. To everyone. [Star]

I’m bullish on Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears this year, but “savior” seems a bit much at this point. [Bleacher Report]

For all the talk of MLB’s struggles, cable TV ratings through the All-Star break were good. [Forbes]

Tough not to laugh about Houston’s level of excitement over James Ennis. Solid reserve? Sure. But nothing in his career says he could be the next Ariza/Mbah A Moute. [Rockets Wire]

Wil Trapp scored what had to be one of the best stoppage time goals in MLS this season.

The Aquaman trailer is insanely good.

NBA players need to be careful in these summer league settings. Denzel Valentine got roasted by Frank Nitty in the Drew League Sunday.