Roundup: Anna Kournikova's Boozy Costco Cart, Michael Cohen Gets 3 Years in Prison, Dana White vs. Oscar De La Hoya


Rihanna … Michael Cohen gets three years in prison … U.S. obesity rates at an all-time high … “Sex robot conference cancelled over backlash to proposed speech by Steve Bannon” … Package thieves nailed by sting with fake Amazon boxes and GPS tracking … New York Magazine employees unionize … “NC police officer under investigation after slamming teen sisters to ground” … Really embarrassing waste of money from U.S. Customs and Border Protection … West Virginia county commissioners vote to remove plaque honoring Confederate soldiers from courthouse … Anna Kournikova’s Costco cart indicates she’s throwing a rager … “An estimated 10 million people older than 65 are still working — an increase of 240 percent since 1985.” … Window washer at Trump hotel in Vegas falls to death … 

Mother says paying her kids to “perform basic life tasks” paid off [WaPo]

Dana White continuing to beef with Oscar De La Hoya [Yahoo]

Scott Boras held court at MLB winter meetings in Vegas []

Michael Ferro, one of journalism’s greatest villains in recent memory, allegedly said LA is run by a “Jewish cabal” and Tribune Publishing settled for $2.5 million to try to keep it a secret [NPR]

“With the revelation by prosecutors on Wednesday that a tabloid publisher admitted to paying off a Playboy model, key participants in two hush-money schemes say the transactions were intended to protect Donald J. Trump’s campaign for president.” [NY Times]

Shaq says his Lakers teams would ‘easily’ beat the Warriors (comments like this are all upside — there’s no way to know, and it becomes a conversation topic) [USA Today]

Anaconda vs. Komodo dragon, who ya got? [538]

Wu-Tang Clan performs small show for NPR

My friend Austin Bumpus interviewed SVP, Jackie MacMullan and more on the current state of sports journalism