Roundup: America Now Has Over 250,000 COVID-19 Deaths

El Paso Striken With Serious Surge Of Coronavirus Cases
El Paso Striken With Serious Surge Of Coronavirus Cases / Mario Tama/Getty Images

George Clooney gave 14 of his closest friends a million dollars each ... New York City schools are shutting down because of COVID ... minutes before that announcement, Andrew Cuomo was shouting at reporters saying they wouldn't ... Nancy Pelosi will again be Speaker of the House ... a former MasterChef Junior contestant died of cancer at 14 ... managers at a Tyson plant wagered money on how many employees would catch COVID ... Letterkenny is coming back with a new season on Hulu next month ... Senator who lives in Virginia, uses his sister's address and votes in Missouri ... Jamie Lee Curtis officiated the wedding of a Halloween fan an hour before he died ...

Robinson Cano has been suspended for the entire 2021 season after testing positive for a PED. [ESPN]

The NFL is really going to take coronavirus seriously now and teams will now have mandatory, intensive protocols. [The Hill]

Ricky Rubio got traded back to Minnesota during the NBA Draft. [Star Tribune]

The Raiders have a lot of players on the COVID list right now. [USA Today]

The trade market for Russell Westbrook isn't great right now. [New York Times]

The 49ers picked up Takk McKinley. [PFT]

Ohio State won't have family members at football games because of Ohio's stay at home order. [ESPN]