Roundup: Affluenza Teen Captured, RIP Lemmy Kilmister, Olive Garden's $400 NYE Package


Ethan Couch, the “Affluenza Teen” was taken into custody in Mexico … Horse with 206-1 odds wins in Ohio, suspicion rises … Man stabbed by 400-pound woman with a beard … Harlem Globetrotter great Meadowlark Lemon dead at 83 … Man looking at cell phone walks off cliff, dies … Dabbin’ Santa won Christmas … Al Jazeera is standing by its Peyton Manning report ….And Tom Brady is defending his quarterbacking brethren … Woman caught tossing a dogabout to be in some hot water … The Pope and Donald Trump are equally admired … Baker Mayfield seems salty over way TCU treated him … Derrick Green didn’t travel with Michigan to bowl game … Watching more television in 2016 would be a fine New Year’s resolution … Wish more high school basketball teams would run the stall offense … List of most popular Instagram celebrities will restore your faith in humanity … Want to own Rik Smits’ truck? … Cameron Ridley out with a fractured foot .. RIP Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister … Patriots fans want the book thrown at the NFL’s other Golden Boy … Tom Hanks wrote a heartfelt note to Kenny Stabler’s family … $100 worth of pizza coupons unlikely to solve this guy’s pizza addiction … What’s the point of putting out a fire at an animal crematorium … Miranda Kerr .. Robber dies after blowing up condom machine.

Olive Garden’s $400 New Year’s Eve deal is actually a decent deal considering it has bathroom access. [New York Post]

With Rosie’s business savvy and Samantha’s people skills, business boomed. That first Christmas, they bought their favorite prostitute her first pair of Louboutins. “We were like Kobe and Shaq,” said Rosie. “That’s what I always said to Samantha. We were untouchable.” [New York Magazine]

Pat McAfee clowned a Twitter troll, engaged with other Twitter users in NSFW fashion. [Uproxx]

Buffalo Sabres’ Evander Kane denies any wrongdoing in sexual encounter. [Buffalo News]

Meanwhile J.J. Watt handled one more diplomatically. [Twitter]

Hard to imagine anything scarier than this camouflage snake. [Discover]

Reporter’s explanation for quitting job goes viral. [Steve Majerus]

Your body’s circadian clock is far more influential than you think. Thought-provoking and maybe a bit alarming. [New York Times]

Bridge implosion.

Dwight Freeney’s spin move is still quite excellent.

Does this look like the face of a man capable of taking down Peyton Manning?

Don’t hear too much about Dispatch anymore and that’s a shame.