Roundup: A New Jonas Father; Roger Goodell Just Loves the Fans; Wear a Mask


Stop trying to ruin classic Roald Dahl books ... Best drive-in movie theaters in America ...David Price rips Rob Manfred ... Rich Paul named to UTA board ... Mookie Betts' tax situation used for content ... The price of gold is skyrocketing ... Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas welcome a child ... A second round of stimulus checks are in the future ... John Lewis lies in state ... People enjoying the televised baseball for now ... Roger Goodell writes a letter no one was asking him to write ... Tenet may never open as part of a bizarre social experiment ... Cousin Sal making big moves ... There are six different types of coronavirus ... How can other EPL teams catch Liverpool ... Encouraging news from the NHL COVID testing ... Patriots tackle Marcus Cannon opting out ...

Wearing a mask makes it harder to be tracked by facial recognition apps, if that helps at all. [The Verge]

Two of the greatest minds in sports media stepped into the marketplace of idea and brought us all closer to true enlightenment. [It's Game 7]

An oral history of Roundball Rock. [The Ringer]

The Ellen Show, long rumored to be one of the worst places in Hollywood to work, is under investigation. [Metro]

Vanessa Morgan files for divorce from Michael Kopech after five months of marriage. [Chicago Tribune]

This video has been floating around for a bit and seems a bit dubious but do your own research.

Summer is running out and Chunky really needs to figure out what his deal is.

Neutral Milk Hotel -- In an Aeroplane Over the Sea